6el26 el 144 MHz Yagi

From Vårgårda Radio. Was placed on my balcony (2nd floor) and a 4 – 6 m high tower.



Miracle Antenna

Perhaps not a real miracle, but together with FT-817 it makes a nice couple.miraclewhip








mfj1022MFJ 1022

An active antenna from MFJ Enterprises. Works good with smaller portable receivers, but should not be used when there are noise/QRM from TV, computers etc. etc.




Diamond V-728

I have a Diamond V-728, it operates 7, 21 and 28 MHz. It has to be connected to a tuner to work properly. Read this PDF about the antenna: v728


araDressler ARA

An active antenna, that once was mounted on my balcony.




magloopMagnetic loop antenna

The antenna used together with the Scanti was a magnetic loop covering 10 kHz up to 30 MHz. Not an excellent one, but good enough. I would say it is equal to about 10 metres of wire.